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The demand for Oerlikon technologies is fueled by the need for better performance, efficiencies and sustainability.

In the mid term, Oerlikon’s key markets are expected to have a CAGR of 2 % to 4 % over the next five years. To seize growth opportunities, Oerlikon is addressing engineering, technology and service challenges in each market in close cooperation with customers.

Apparel & industrial textiles

22 of world’s 25 largest manmade fibers producers trust Oerlikon technologies.

In its World Survey, The Fiber Year reported that the world fiber market reached 101.4 million tons in 2016, with manmade fibers at 71 million tons. This is an impressive growth from 14 million in 1980 and reflects a 4.6 % annual growth rate. Apparel, home textiles and technical textiles are end markets for manmade fibers and served by Oerlikon. Within the overall market, nonwovens and staple fibers are expected to see the best growth rates through 2022 – with CAGRs of 17 % for nonwovens and 5 % for staple fibers.

Industry challenges
  • Fulfill the growing need for apparel and home textiles that comes with population growth
  • Meet the increasing demand for functional and industrial textiles as well as geotextiles in a broad range of industries, such as electronics, food packaging, functional wear, infrastructure and transportation. The use of manmade fibers is on the rise as they are gaining recognition as a more environmentally friendly fiber alternative that can also provide better features such as elasticity and heat retention, as well as new functionalities such as water resistance
  • Improve quality and increase efficiency in production while reducing labor costs and maintenance downtimes
  • Reduce space and use of energy in production
  • As a world market leader for systems used in the manufacture of manmade fibers, Oerlikon is the only company with the  know-how to offer a complete manmade fiber spinning system from a single source – from melt to yarn, fibers and nonwovens
  • Oerlikon’s optimally designed equipment supports the balance between cost reduction, production efficiency and consistent  quality while enabling the reduction of energy consumption and a smaller equipment footprint
  • Oerlikon’s engineers offer decades of experience with technologies used in filament and fiber production worldwide