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The demand for Oerlikon technologies is fueled by the need for better performance, efficiencies and sustainability.

In the mid term, Oerlikon’s key markets are expected to have a CAGR of 2 % to 4 % over the next five years. To seize growth opportunities, Oerlikon is addressing engineering, technology and service challenges in each market in close cooperation with customers.


Approximately 70 % of all agricultural machinery manufactured worldwide contains Oerlikon’s Shifting Solutions.

In their 2017 Agricultural Outlook, the UN and OECD projected that the world population will reach 8.2 billion by 2026. At the same time, they expect agricultural markets to face flat or declining commodity prices and remain weak, while future growth in crop production will be attained mostly by increasing yields. To achieve this, the agriculture industry is pressured to be more efficient and productive, leading Grand View Research to project that the agriculture equipment market will reach USD 243 billion in 2025, suggesting a robust CAGR of 7 %.

Industry challenges
  • At a time of reduced labor availability and higher labor costs, farmers must improve crop production and yields to compete effectively and ensure a return for their business
  • Farm equipment manufacturers must continue to innovate to remain competitive (reduce operating and maintenance costs of agriculture equipment)
  • Oerlikon’s coatings are relied on to coat differential housings and bevel sets to improve the mechanical features of components used in agricultural machinery
  • The latest technologically advanced farm equipment is more productive, energy efficient and cost-effective; Oerlikon’s in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise in developing innovative drive technologies for the propulsion  or rotation of mobile vehicles and industrial equipment have led to safe and efficient drive solutions, such as Shifting Solutions™ and hydrostatic drives for self-propelled spray tractors