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Annual Report 2015

Oerlikon leads the way

As megatrends such as mobility, energy, infrastructure development and the environment gain focus in global businesses, Oerlikon continues to be at the forefront in offering technologies, solutions and services to leverage the related opportunities.

Driving performance

Riding in a Porsche 918 Spyder is the closest you might get to …

Porsche’s 918 Spyder is an eco-friendly hybrid that is at the same time a powerful sports car. One of its performance secrets: an ultra-thin coating on cylinder walls to help reduce engine friction.

Trusted Partnership Paves the Way for Sustainable Growth

It may seem unusual for one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers to send more than 100 of its senior leaders and engineers to an …

Why an automotive leader sent more than 100 key managers and engineers to brainstorm with one of its suppliers.

Keeping People Moving through Innovation

From nomadic early civilizations to today’s continent-hopping air passengers, people have always wanted or needed …

Increasing mobility demand is creating an array of tough challenges for the sector, including fuel scarcity, greenhouse gas emission concerns, and consumer preferences. Innovation is the answer. Read more here about the remarkable solutions being developed.

Untangling the knots of manmade fibers

No one at ITMA 2015 was exchanging secret hand signals, wearing pointy ears, or walking around armed with …

Have you heard the latest talk about WINGS winders, rotating tangle units, and dope-dyeing? That unfamiliar language translates to advances in the development of manmade fibers. And the words relate to just some of the ways that Oerlikon defines innovation and has an impact on everything from soil erosion to racecars to Hollywood blockbusters.