Annual Report 2014 Corporate Website

Our global presence

Oerlikon has a strong global footprint with over 200 sites in 36 countries. Thanks to its global presence, the Segments can provide their respective customers with innovative technologies, products, support and services efficiently and effectively. Oerlikon selectively expands its global presence to targeted locations, bringing its products and services in closer proximity to its customers, so as to improve customer interaction, response times and satisfaction.

73 sites in Asia

  • 44Surface Solutions Segment
  • 7Manmade Fibers Segment
  • 6Drive Systems Segment
  • 16Vacuum Segment

94 sites in Europe

  • 69Surface Solutions Segment
  • 3Manmade Fibers Segment
  • 8Drive Systems Segment
  • 12Vacuum Segment
  • 2Corporate

39 sites in the Americas

  • 35Surface Solutions Segment
  • 1Manmade Fibers Segment
  • 1Drive Systems Segment
  • 2Vacuum Segment