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Annual Report 2014

Oerlikon leads the way

As megatrends such as mobility, energy, infrastructure development and the environment gain focus in global businesses, Oerlikon continues to be at the forefront in offering technologies, solutions and services to leverage the related opportunities.

Cutting operating costs and reducing emissions

In recent years, the demand for high-quality steel has risen substantially. For instance, steel …

Mechanical vacuum pump systems establishes a strong foothold in metallurgy market

Revolutionary new process for metallizing plastic components

Metallized plastic components have the same high-quality look and feel as chromium-plated …

A sustainable alternative to electroplating

Supporting the growing bottling market

With the drastic increase in world population, drinking water is a scarce resource. Optimum conservation …

Man-made fiber producers rely on energy-efficient Oerlikon technology

Electromobility calls for innovative transmission solutions

Electrically powered vehicles are not only energy-efficient and emission-free: new models are setting …

Getting energy efficiency and performance onto the road