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AM Ceramics

NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) is the process of direct jetting of materials dispersions on a tray.

Liquid is only used as a carrier medium and evaporates immediately after jetting, while nanoparticles retained by the special liquid formula remain in the printed part. After printing, the green part is removed from the platform and processed into a final product in a sintering furnace. Being the first beta-customer of this new transformational inkjet-based technology enables Oerlikon AM to be at the forefront of technology developments in the field of additive manufacturing. Especially as the NPJ process has the potential to go beyond ceramics into other materials such as structural metals.

Oerlikon AM supports an extensive portfolio of standard Additive Manufacturing materials. Our dedicated Applications Engineering Team supports you in choosing and implementing the most appropriate AM materials and processes as you develop your AM components. Contact us to find out more about Oerlikon AM NanoParticle Jetting capabilities.

Machine/ Material


Other details

  • 1x XJet Carmel 1400 AM

Zirconia (ZrO2)

  • “Near-Net” Shape
  • Natural surface finishing
  • Extremely sharp edges
  • Compressive strength
  • Isolation
  • Less weight, strong and stable
  • Healthcare and medical devices
  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Defense and Energy
  • Consumer Goods
  • Delivery time: 3 to 5 working days
  • Quantity: 1 – 10.000 units
  • Materials: 1
  • Machines: XJet Carmel 1400 (Beta-Machine)
  • Max. building chamber size: 500 x 280 mm
  • Production: Magdeburg (Germany)




Manufacturing Sample

Manufacturing Sample
  • Designation: Assembly in Gearbox
  • Material: Zirconia (ZrO2)
  • Amount: 100
  • Production Time: 4 working days

Manufacturing Sample

Manufacturing Sample
  • Designation: Hinge
  • Material: Zirconia (ZrO2)
  • Amount: 15
  • Production Time: 3 working days

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