Rapid Prototyping

Trust the experts, save time. Our service means saving your most precious resource, time. As innovation cycles are shrinking in length, and time to market increasingly determines an innovation’s success, we take the “rapid” in “rapid prototyping” seriously.

A product evolves at each stage of the development process. Each stage brings new insights while placing different demands on the components. At Oerlikon AM we can work with you through every stage, helping move your initial idea into a design, a prototype and on into the production model.

Prototyping can help you create accurate pre-production components to:

  • Explore design decisions
  • Prove new development solutions
  • Integrate components into products
  • Optimize production engineering
  • AM Metal


    AlSi9Cu3, AlSi7Mg, AlSi10Mg, AlSi12CuNiMg, AlMgSc (Scalmalloy)

    Alloy 718 (2.4668), Alloy 625 (2.4856), Alloy X (2.4665), Haynes 282

    CoCrMo (F75)

    18 Ni Maraging Steel (1.2709), 316L (1.4404), 17-4PH (1.4542), 1.4859, 1.4308 (CF8)

    Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Metals (PBF-LB/M) also known as SLM, Electron Beam (PBF-EB)
    Concept Laser / Arcam

    2x Concept Laser
    M2 (1kW)

    3x Concept Laser
    M2 (2x 400W)
    1x Arcam Q20+  
    EOS 1x EOS M270 (200 W) 3x EOS M280 (400W) 12x EOS M290 (400 W) 5x EOS M400 (1kW)
    Trumpf 4x Trumpf TruPrint 1000 (200W) 3x Trumpf TruPrint 3000 (500W)    
    SLM Solutions 3x SLM280HL (400W) 1x SLM280HL (2x 400W) 1x SLM125HL (400 W)  
    Renishaw 1x RenAM 400HT (400 W) 1x RenAM 500Q (4x 500 W)    


  • AM Polymer

    Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Polymers (PBF-LB/P) also known as SLS
    EOS 1x EOS Formiga P100 1x EOS Formiga P110 1x EOSINT P390i 2x EOSINT P396i

    Polyamides: PA12, PA12-GB, PA12-CF, PA12-Al (AlumideTM)

    Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

    Vat Photopolymerization (VPP) also known as CLIP
    Carbon 3x M2 Printer / 1x Smart Part Washer


  • AM Ceramic

    MJT – Material Jetting of Ceramics also known as NanoParticle Jetting™
    XJet 1x XJet Carmel 1400 AM

    Zirconia (ZrO2)

  • Conventional Manufacturing

    • Sand/Precision Casting
    • Die Casting
    • HSC/CNC Milling
    • Injection Molding
    • Elastic Components

Wide range of alloys and printers

Today’s components have to perform increasingly complex functions requiring different materials. Whether the ideal component is in metal, plastic or ceramic, we’ve got it!

Your choice of printers: We can help you choose the best printers for your applications based on material, size and functional requirements.

Talk to our AM experts 


We can offer the best prototyping technology for the application; but we are not just an AM company. We know that the post-processing of a part is critical to its final functionality; we offer CNC machining, hot isostatic pressing and heat treatment. Having all of this at your disposal means we can ensure the quality and lead time you need.

High quality parts

All our parts are printed with coupons, which are tested in-house before dispatch. Your prototype will be a functional prototype.


Specialists in aluminum

We are the expert aluminum AM part producers for the automotive industry in Germany. We have the widest range of aluminum alloys we can print with, including Scalmalloy.


Deep expertise in industrial applications

We can help our customers overcome even the most demanding design needs, whatever the application.  In particular, we have deep expertise in aerospace, defense, automotive and power generation.


“We were assisted by the team in every respect, both in the selection of the most suitable manufacturing process as well as in the design of the frame and ultimately, even in the perfecting of the frame’s surface finish.” Sebastian Meinecke , Founder & CEO of Urwahn Engineering – read the story


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