Metal Powder Production Technology

Advanced Materials – directly from the expert

The powder that is right for your AM production is key to your operational success.

AM industrial components require the use of metal powders with a high purity and very narrow particle size distribution. A growing number of metals are being developed for industrial AM applications. The right specification, and the right quality are vital for your project to succeed.

Why partner with Oerlikon AM for powder?

At Oerlikon AM we understand the unique properties of materials at the smallest scales; we have over 80 years of experience in developing and manufacturing materials for critical industrial applications. Our expertise at every step of the powder production process - charge, melt, pour, atomize, screen, blend, quality, package – works to ensure that you work with the quality of material you need. Naturally, we ensure the performance of the powders we produce. All powders are AM test printed before release, so that you can be secure in the knowledge that they work.

Key benefits

Key benefits
  • Broad AM metals portfolio, all have been AM print tested
  • Spherical metal powders with high purity, optimized for high packing density and excellent flow properties 
  • Tailored particle size distributions for AM applications
  • Customized and fast alloy development and qualification
  • State of the art powder characterization lab
  • Dedicated R&D centers for testing and process parameter optimization on a variety of metal AM machines
  • NADCAP certified lab facilities; ISO certified production facilities
  • Tight process control to ensure the highest quality – aerospace qualified
  • Precision cut and homogenized powders for specific AM hardware
  • Global sales and logistics network, able to provide 48 hour delivery for some stocked products

Production Facilities & Equipment

Troy (Operational)
  • Inert Gas Atomizers (IGA) for Ni, Co and Fe based powders (Nitrogen & Argon atomization gases)
  • Pilot atomizer for R&D trial alloys
  • NADCAP certified QA facility
  • Proprietary labeling / packaging capabilities
 Plymouth (Q2 2018)
  • Vacuum Inert Gas Atomizer (VIGA) for Ni, Co and Fe powders (Nitrogen & Argon atomization gases)
  • EIGA for Titanium powders – Grades 5 and 23 (Argon only)
  • Dedicated R&D Atomizer: 250 kg heat sizes (Argon only)
  • Onsite QA capabilities, packaging, and R&D development
Distribution Centers
  • Regionally positioned (Westbury, USA; Kelsterbach, Germany; Singapore; Australia; Shanghai; Nagoya, Japan)
  • ISO, OHS certified
  • Over 6 million units moved through network

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