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Oerlikon is an integrated design and series production partner for your AM components. Additive manufacturing can today be considered a high-volume manufacturing technology. It has advantages and challenges, and we, at Oerlikon AM, stand ready to guide you through the process of moving from prototyping to production.

At Oerlikon AM we make series production components for many industries, including power generation, automotive and aerospace.

We support you at every step. We help you identify the components best suited for production by AM and build the business case for using AM. We can train your design and engineering teams to think outside conventional technologies and to understand the amazing potential of AM. In short, we want to help you transform your business.

Your partner for AM Series Production

At Oerlikon AM we have committed to investing in the very best equipment, capabilities, facilities and people. We have an unparalleled global footprint of AM capabilities and an experienced team to design and manufacture. Being able to call on our unique knowledge resources and experience can accelerate your progress through the technology and manufacturing readiness levels to bring your product to market faster.

  • We understand the complex material science of feed stock and final product
  • We are machine agnostic, working with a wide range of machines, helping select the most appropriate ones for your application
  • We understand that manufacturing is not complete when a part is removed from a printer
  • We have the post processing and testing equipment to qualify your part for service

We want to be your long-term production partner, working with you from the initial design concept to qualification and series production. We are passionate about the technology, and about helping you reap the promises it offers.

We can help you with:

  • Internal training courses to introduce and exploit the potential of AM
  • Development of a business case for AM
  • Part-design support
  • Prototyping and concept proving
  • Component qualification
  • Full production

Wherever you are in your journey to AM manufacturing, take the next steps with us.


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