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Additive Component Manufacturing

With additive manufacturing your greatest challenges now have solutions. AM has gone from a valuable tool for prototyping new products into a sustainable, cost-effective mainstream manufacturing process, challenging traditional solutions like casting, forging and machining with an entirely new process that is already opening up new possibilities for manufacturers in the demanding aerospace, automotive and medical sectors, amongst others.

Manufacturing companies face intense pressure to reduce demands on finite energy and raw materials, while facing design challenges that become increasingly complex.

Increased technical complexity from product development teams, increased demands from end users for quality and durability, reduced weight and cost are all making it essential to find new solutions.

Fortunately, advances in AM are making new solutions possible.

A shorter supply chain

AM’s efficiency streamlines production, which allows you to cut supplier, transportation, and warehousing costs.

Customization made easy

AM’s flexibility translates to tailormade manufacturing at lower unit costs, whether you have small production batches or mass customization of components.

Driving new business models

AM offers parts built on demand anywhere in the development cycle, enabling shorter time to market and more competitive business models.


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