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Additive Manufacturing Enhances Turbine Components' Efficiency

Heightened Corrosion Resistance and Precise Engineering Solutions

Additive Manufacturing is pushing forward the energy sector by enabling the creation of intricate turbine components from resilient superalloys. These parts excel in the harshest environments, displaying exceptional corrosion resistance. Additive Manufacturing’s precision allows for complex geometries, enhanced thermal management, and optimized fuel mixing, elevating overall energy efficiency.

Moreover, AM offers cost-effective manufacturing and replacement solutions, streamlining operations in the energy industry. This transformative technology not only extends the lifespan of critical equipment, but also enhances performance, contributing significantly to the advancement and sustainability of the energy sector. 

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Additive Manufacturing Applications in the Energy Industry

This technology allows for intricate designs that enhance efficiency and durability, ultimately leading to more sustainable energy production. It facilitates the production of customized battery designs, leading to higher energy densities and improved performance. Additionally, 3D printing is instrumental in the creation of heat exchangers and other components critical to energy conversion processes.

AM streamlines production of renewable energy systems, like solar panels and wind turbine components. Its flexibility allows for rapid customization, driving innovation in the pursuit of cleaner, more efficient energy sources. With additive manufacturing's continuous advancements, the power and energy sector is poised for significant leaps in efficiency and sustainability.

Why choose Oerlikon AM as your partner?

The Oerlikon AM Team includes specialists with strong backgrounds in Power Generation and Energy.

  • AM design for structural, heat-resistant and high-performance components such as swirlers, burners and fuel supply systems
  • Expertise in materials – from metal alloys to plastics and ceramics
  • New powder development – tailored and custom alloys designed and atomized in-house for tooling and component manufacturing
  • R&D facilities - supporting your own product development
  • Our integrated capabilities allow for the complete component manufacturing process in our facilities: In-house material manufacturing, part printing, heat treating, stress relief, HIP, machining, and finishing, which provides you with the complete control of all processes and stream lined deliveries

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