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AM in Power Generation / Energy Market

Creating new ways to generate energy efficiently, improve operational reliability and build spare parts quickly. The Power Generation and Energy market faces intense pressure to improve energy efficiency and enhance operational reliability.

The challenge of energy efficiency

New turbine concepts for increased fuel efficiency operate at higher combustion temperatures. They require increasingly complex components in terms of materials & geometry. Ni-based alloys are difficult to machine for complex geometries such as cooling channels, complex internal features and bio-inspired structures to reduce weight.

AM can provide components that deliver on cost, complexity and performance targets.

The challenge of operational reliability

Reduction of maintenance downtime and extension of the life of turbine components are key for reliable turbine operation. Enhanced material properties at high temperatures and surface treatment solutions present technical challenges.

AM enables the production of highly complex turbine components from corrosion resistant superalloys that can operate in the most demanding environments, improved thermal management and fuel mixing as well as cost-effective manufacturing and replacement.

Why choose Oerlikon AM as your partner?

The Oerlikon AM Team includes specialists with strong backgrounds in Power Generation and Energy.

With them we provide:

  • AM design for structural, heat-resistant and high-performance components such as swirlers, burners and fuel supply systems
  • Expertise in materials – from metal alloys to plastics and ceramics
  • New powder development – tailored and custom alloys designed and atomized in-house for tooling and component manufacturing
  • R&D facilities - supporting your own product development
  • Our integrated capabilities allow for the complete component manufacturing process in our facilities: In-house material manufacturing, part printing, heat treating, stress relief, HIP, machining, and finishing, which provides you with the complete control of all processes and stream lined deliveries

Contact us to explore which AM solutions we offer suit your power generation or energy needs.

Power Generation / Energy Market AM Materials

  • High-strength stainless steels
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Cobalt-based alloys
  • Titanium alloys

Power Generation / Energy Market AM Applications

Additive Manufacturing enables the production of highly complex turbine components from corrosion resistant superalloys that can operate in the most demanding environments. Our customers also benefit from our ability to provide a fully integrated contract manufacturing solution from powder to coated AM component.

For complex IGT applications, AM presents cutting-edge solutions, such as improved thermal management and fuel mixing, complex sealing geometry, and cost-effective manufacturing and replacement.

Power Generation / Energy Market AM Case Study

Hollow Turbine Blade

We can improve the performance of the component, allow complex geometries design and mass reduction, plus provide combined solutions to coat AM components for erosion, corrosion, and thermal barrier protection.

Case Study - Downhole Tool Cross-Over Sensor Body

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