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Medical Contract Manufacturing

Creating new solutions to improve quality of life impossible with existing technology. Every patient is unique. Additive Manufacturing creates new possibilities for patient-specific medical devices such as implants, instruments and surgical guides and models.

The technology offers precise customization allowing a greater impact on patient health than ever before. The overriding challenge for the medical market is to create complex part geometries in a process approved by the relevant regulatory authorities.

The challenge of manufacturing complex geometry

The medical industry has been restricted by the limitations of machined devices and implants. Complex shapes are prohibitively expensive or impossible to create using conventional techniques, especially on a patient customized basis. AM can produce complex shapes cost effectively.

The challenge of regulatory acceptance

There are a limited number of additive manufacturing facilities with regulatory compliance. The technology has required validations for regulatory approval, and with this will come approval from the FDA and other regulators for full scale manufacturing. Oerlikon AM is helping to drive complex geometries into the healthcare space for both implants and devices, beginning with valid M&P data sets.

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Why choose Oerlikon AM as your partner?

The Oerlikon AM Team includes specialists with strong backgrounds in medical.

With them we provide:

  • AM design for customized or complex standard implants; surface treatment methods include finishing and cleaning.
  • The necessary knowledge, expertise and technology under one roof to meet the challenge of single source manufacturing, with this it is easier to maintain a logistical oversight for component manufacturing
  • Expertise in materials – from metal alloys to plastics and ceramics
  • R&D facilities – helping create new medical solutions

Contact us to explore with us which AM solutions we offer for your medical challenges.

Medical AM applications

Medical AM applications
  • Engineered skull plates
  • Custom neck braces
  • Heart pumps
  • Prosthetic limbs
  • Complex surgical instruments

Medical AM Materials

  • High-strength stainless steels
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Cobalt-based alloys
  • Titanium alloys

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