Cutting edge solutions for the new industrial revolution

The digital revolution and the speed of innovation are pushing manufacturers in all sectors to develop and deliver products to market at an ever-increasing pace, with ever greater functionality and sustainability.

AM transforms how components can be designed and manufactured. With it, design rather than the restrictions of conventional manufacturing technology dictate the form, materials and performance of the finished part.

It means better components, and better products – better in price, performance, durability and function.

Of course, to realize the potential of AM for your needs, you must have an expert guide to the technologies that are in use now, and to those that are just around the corner. New materials, faster, larger machines and enhanced automation are all continuing to expand the potential of AM production.

At Oerlikon AM we can help you work with cutting edge AM technologies.

Why Oerlikon AM?

At Oerlikon AM we have the technical expertise to ensure that Additive Manufacturing can provide the solutions your manufacturing operation needs.

We can confidently claim to be a world leading player in AM, with solutions not just for plastics, and metal alloys, but also for new engineered ceramics. We constantly work on joint R&D projects with customers. It means that whatever your production challenge, we can work with you to identify – and if necessary develop – the technology to solve it.

We will work with you to ensure that you have the right technology to provide the solutions you need.

The advantages of working with Oerlikon AM

We provide solutions in all aspect of AM technology:


Our advanced software can create new alloys. We also have a range of engineering software solutions for product design.


We have the capacity to produce custom powders in small batches. We have our own production atomizers to produce R&D lots through to production batches of several tons.

The complete solution

From concept and R&D to full production, we have the knowledge, facilities and determination to deliver the technology you need.

Component Production - Machines Overview: Metal, Polymer, Ceramics

Concept Laser/Arcam 2x Concept Laser M2 (1 kW) 3x Concept Laser M2 (2x 400 W) 1x Arcam Q20          
EOS 1x EOS M270
(200 W)
3x EOS M280
(400 W)
12x EOS M290
(400 W)
5x EOS M400 (1kW) 1 EOS FORMIGA P100 1 EOS FORMIGA P110 1 EOSINT P390i 2 EOSINT P396i
Trumpf 4x Trumpf TruPrint 1000 (200 W) 3x Trumpf TruPrint
3000 (500W)
SLM Solutions 3x SLM280HL
(400 W)
1x SLM280HL
(2x 400 W)
1x SLM125HL
(400 W)
Renishaw 1x RenAM 400HT (400 W) 1x RenAM 500Q (4x 500W)            
Carbon 3x M2 Printer / 1 x Smart Part Washer              
XJet 1x XJet Carmel 1400 AM              

Max. built chamber size 400 x 400 x 360 mm

You need a part built on a selected machine? Contact us to find out which machines we have available close to you. 

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