HEXAGON The advanced packaging sputtering solution for high volume production.

HEXAGON The single wafer sputtering tool specifically designed for wafer level packaging and backside metallization for wafer sizes up to 300mm.


  • Highest throughput for UBM / RDL process
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership for WLP applications
  • Designed for processing organic passivated substrates
  • 300mm platform with smallest footprint
  • High throughput platform for volume production at lowest cost of ownership
  • Designed for processing organic passivated wafers
  • Smallest footprint. Less than half the footprint of any other commercially available system
  • Production proven material handling system
  • Easily configurable for 300mm and 200mm wafers
  • Temperature controlled process chambers
  • Low temperature ICP etching
  • Automated maintenance services
  • > 90% process matching, control and operation compatibly with CLUSTERLINE®
  • High spare parts overlap with previous generation
  • Applications include all current WLP (UBM, RDL, TSV, Fan-out) and BSM

Atmospheric Front End

  • Up to four load port modules
  • 300mm FOUP load ports or 200mm open cassette
  • Dual End-Effector SCARA Robot
  • Buffer station for up to 12 wafers
  • Mini Environment
  • Wafer Aligner
  • Wafer flip station for back side metallization


  • Highest throughput synchronous indexer
  • Five process module ports
  • 300mm or 200mm capability
  • Cryogenic water trap pumps
  • In-chamber wafer position monitoring
  • Mechanically confined wafer transfers
  • Fast wafer transfer to minimize contamination
  • Powered source handling


Process Modules / Components

  • Integrated stainless steel process chambers
  • Full process isolation
  • Hot chuck Degas Module or Radiation Degasser
  • ICP soft etch module- SiO2 removal 0,6 – 0,8 nm/s
  • Chilled ICP reactor dome down to -30°C
  • ARQ310 DC or pulsed DC sputter source with uniformity compensation over target life
  • Highly ionized PVD source technology for high aspect ratio TSV applications mainly for 3D packaging
  • Chuck RF Bias
  • Controlled chuck temperature from -30 to 300°C
  • Metal or ceramized chuck with mechanical clamping, ESC or clampless chuck with shadow mask
  • Clamped chuck configuration with gas conduction back side heater/ cooler for precise temperature control
  • Drop-in shield kits
  • Uses the same process equipment and HW design as the CLUSTERLINE® platform

Control System

  • Advanced control system with ControlWorks®software
  • High speed Ethernet backbone with standardized, distributed I/O system
  • User friendly GUI with standard PC running Windows 7™ and ‘RAID1’ mirroring
  • Real time process flow, sequence and step editors, choice of sequential and parallel wafer routing as well as carrier scheduling functions
  • Closed ballroom compatible racks
  • Fab integration with SEMI SECS/GEM interface
  • Real time parameter control and display
  • Data logging for process review (tabular and graphic)
  • Secure operation with multiple user group designations
  • Warning and alarm reporting
  • Identical control SW and HW as the CLUSTERLINE®, for easy transfer



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