CLUSTERLINE® 200 II The high volume production platform of choice for highly sophisticated and specialized applications.

CLUSTERLINE® 200 II The CLUSTERLINE® 200II provides state-of-the-art process capabilities as well as extensive pre-and post-treatment steps. The open system architecure allows easy tool configuration for PVD, highly ionized PVD, Soft Etch and PECVD for wafer sizes up to 200mm.
  • High thorughput platform for state-of-the-art PVD Soft etch and PECVD applications
  • Automatic wafer alignment correction under vacuum
  • Sophisticated process and auxiliary modules as well as high vacuum integrity provide excellent film properties and repeatability
  • Open system architecture, easy configurable and expandable
  • Reliable, industry proven prodction system with up to 6 proces modules and up to 6 auxiliary modules for pre-and post-treatment steps.
  • Auxiliary module functions including wafer alignment, buffer, degas, and cooling
  • Fully process compatible to previous CLUSTERLINE®
  • Integrated media distribution system faster and easier maintenance and service
  • Advanced vacuum handling platform for highest wafer yield and easy operation
  • Most accurate wafer placement and automatic wafer alignment correction under vacuum
  • Two loadlock cassette stations with auto-home, featuring ergonomic loading, soft pump and soft vent, mapping functions to detect cross-slotted, double-loaded wafers, with instant wafer slide out (protrusion) detection
  • Magnetically driven robot system with dual bisymmetric arms
  • Production-proven thin wafer handling and processing capability for wafer thickness down to 70 µm and waferbow up to 6 mm; carrier solution for thinner wafers
  • Modular chick design for fast size and configuration conversion (4", 5", 6", and 8")



Process Modules / Components
  • Production-proven planar magnetron sputter sources with high target utilization (rotating magnetic system) or Flexicath™ for extremely high film uniformity and homogenity requirements
  • New HIS (high ionization sputtering) source technology for high aspect ratio TSV applications- mainly for 3D packaging
  • The Plasma Box® design of the PECVD process module features a separate reactor within the process chamber providing outstanding uniformity and avoiding contamination by differential pumping and in-situ cleaning. The concept allows a very high film purity and excellent control of interfaces and doping.
  • ICP soft etch process module with MF Plasma enhanced RF Etch enabling high etch rate and excellent uniformity at low bias voltages. Reactive processing with H2, N2, and O2. Optional H2 flow limiter to cost efficient meet the H2 safety requirements
  • Degas module for fast wafer conditioning and repeatable process results
  • Electrostatic (ESC), clampless or clamped chucks using gas conduction for active wafer cooling or heating in PVD and soft etch modules
  • Chuck RF Bias
  • RF, DC and RF/DC combined sputter sources available
  • Controlled chuck temperatures from -30°C up tp 800°C
  • Multisource with rotating chuck -up to 4 RF or DC sources on one module for single target and wafer for target cleaning
  • Magnetic alignment feature to orient magnetic films
  • Optional APC with fully integrated Pyrometer and process RGA monitor


Control System 
  • Advanced cluster tool control system with ControlWorks® software
  • High speed Ethernet backbone with standardized, distributed I/O system
  • User friendly GUI interface with standard PC running Windows
  • Real time process flow, sequence and step editors, choice of sequential and parallel wafer routing as well as carrier scheduling functions
  • Closed ballroom compatible racks
  • Fab integration with SEMI SECS/GEM interface
  • Real time parameter control and display
  • Data logging for process review (tabular and graphic)
  • Secure operation with multiple user group designations
  • Warning and alarm reporting