SOLARIS S151 Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions for Clean Energy

SOLARIS S151 Responding to the rapid shifts and emerging technologies in the world of high-tech manufacturing, the new Solaris platform aims at a wide range of new manufacturing processes with unprecedented process flexibility.


  • Substrate sizes up to 8" diagonal
  • Rigid or flexible, e.g. glass substrates, foils, silicon, etc.
  • 2.5D Substrates
  • Touch Panels
  • Thermo Electric Generators
  • Solar Cells
  • NEMS / Semiconductors
  • OLED
  • Thin Film Batteries
  • DC Sputtering / DC Reactive Sputtering
  • RF Sputtering
  • Etching / Cleaning
  • Heating / Annealing
  • Flash Evaporation
  • Cooling



  • Quick change over from one substrate size to another with carrier system
  • Carrier loading / unloading included in the machine design
  • Small foot print and low operating costs
  • Flexible configurations allowed - each process station is separated from the other
  • Multi layer capability – each chamber can operate different processes and deposit different materials
  • Multi Source Sputtering – alloy development with up to 4 different materials
  • High throughput – up to 1200 carriers / h
  • Substrate rotation during sputtering ensures layer uniformity better than ±2%
  • Max. coated area up to 225mm diameter
  • Film annealing with heater up to 550°C
  • Surface cleaning and activation by etching
  • Easy integration into fab automation
  • Target and shield change time max. 30min
  • Target lifetime in case of SiN coating of cSi solar cells = 180,000 cells

Fab Automation Concept

  • Easy integration and combination of multiple process steps e.g. AR + AS, IIM + ITO

Flexibility in Substrates

Touch panel solar cell  thin foil



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