SOLARIS Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions for Clean Energy

SOLARIS Responding to the rapid shifts and emerging technologies in the world of high-tech manufacturing, the new Solaris platform aims at a wide range of new manufacturing processes with unprecedented process flexibility.
Thin Foils

Solar Cells
Touch Panels
Thermo Electric Generators
Thin Film Batteries
NEMS / Semiconductors

DC Sputtering (reactive, pulsed)
RF Sputtering
Heating / Annealing


  • Quick change over from one substrate size to another due to carrier system
  • Substrate loading / unloading included in the machine design
  • Small foot print and low operating costs
  • Flexible confi gurations allowed - each process station is separated from the other
  • Multi layer capability - each chamber can operate different processes and deposit different materials
  • Multi Source Sputtering - alloy development with up to 4 different materials
  • High through put - up to 1.200 substrates / h (dry cycle time < 3.0 sec)
  • Substrate rotation during sputtering ensures ± 2.5% layer uniformity
  • Sputter chamber diameter up to 240mm
  • Film annealing with lamp heater up to 550°C
  • Surface cleaning and activation by etching
  • Easy integration into automated inline production systems
Flexibility in Substrates
Solar Cell  Thin Foil  Touch Panel

Photovoltaic: The Solaris is designed for front- and back side coating of crystalline silicon solar cells.
The Multi layer capability allows passivation and "silane free" SiN-AR (Anti Reflective) coating on the front side with the freedom to select optical criterias (like refractive indices, etc.) of individual layers as well as passivation and metal layer on the back side.

Touch Panels: While touch sensing is commonplace for single points of contact, multitouch sensing enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, as in chording and bi-manual operations. Such sensing devices are inherently also able to accommodate multiple users simultaneously, which is especially useful for larger interaction scenarios such as interactive walls and tabletops.
Touch panels are made of glass or polymer and require TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide) contact layers in combination with anti reflection coatings. The ability to mask areas which do not require active layers is another unique feature with the Solaris system.

Thermoelectrics: Thermoelectric devices are based on the fact that when certain materials are heated, they generate a significant electrical voltage.
The fundamental problem in creating efficient thermoelectric materials is that they need to be very good at conducting electricity, but not heat. That way, one end of the apparatus can get hot while the other remains cold, instead of the material quickly equalizing the temperature. In most materials, electrical and thermal conductivity go hand in hand. Thin Film technology is not only a cost effective alternative, it even increases efficiencies and the Solaris system is the manufacturing solution for green energy generation devices.

Energy Storage: Nanotechnology is providing us with next generation systems that rely on micro-generation of energy stored in thin film batteries. Nanotechnology works on both sides of the equation. Solar and wind generators are made more efficient by the use of thin films to reach grid parity. Thin film batteries use new materials created using nanotechnology to achieve components that are used to manufacture batteries 40 times more efficient than current batteries. The Solaris with its Multi source capability is the ideal tool to develop new materials and alloys to drive developments in energy storage devices and is at the same time the proven equipment for mass production.

Technical Information
Increased Throughput in PV - Easy with Double Step Feature

SOLARIS 6 2400 w/h coating with 2 systems and double step

  • Increased throughput necessary - easy - with double step feature
  • Production can continue with 50% capacity when one system is down for target change
  • Target change time max. 2min per chamber
  • Total down time for target and shield change max. 30min
  • Target lifetime in case of SiN coating of cSi solar cells = 180,000 cells
  • ONLY 30 minutes maintenance per week
Process Development - Impelement to Mass production
  • Multy layer capability - each chamber can operate different processes and deposit different materials
  • Multi Source Sputtering - alloy development with up to 4 different materials


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