LLS EVO II Batch sputtering system for MMIC metallization, resistors, optical components, UBM, sensors, and other applications

LLS EVO II The LLS EVO II features huge application flexibility plus unparalleled process options – more substrates per invested dollar.
LLS EVO II Benefits
  • Up to 5 planar magnetrons (DC, RF, pulsed DC, RF/DC combined) offer the ultimate in process flexibility
  • Co-sputter capabilities enabling phases of two materials
  • Features a constant and uniform deposition rate, giving the best yield in the industry
  • Can be configured as a fully-automated turnkey system with an easy-to-use Windows XP™-based controlling system
  • option: Automatic wafer handling (cassette-to-cassette), unmasked or masked with barcode reader
Typical Performance

Batch capacity:
4" 36 substrates, 4" 30 substrates, (sq.) 6" 12 substrates, 8" 9 substrates

Load lock
  • Degas heater
  • RF clean etch or ion milling
Process chamber
  • Quartz heater:Temperature up to 370°C
  • DC planar magnetrons: For metals: Au, AuGe, Cr, Cu, NiFe, TiW, Al, Ta, Ti, Co, etc
  • Co-sputtering:For perfect phasing and to increase the throughput
  • DC assymetric pulsed:For low conductive materials TaN, TiN (oxides/nitrides)
  • RF sputtering: For non conductive materials, Cermet (SiO2, Al2O3)