Advanced Nanotechnology

Advanced Nanotechnology Oerlikon Systems develops specific applications for the Nanotechnology field such as:

Touch panels
These devices are being integrated in a wide range of applications from smart phones to tablets and cars. SOLARIS applies a key conductive layer and anti-reflective coatings on the touch screen panels.

These devices will play a major role in future methods of generating electrical power. SOLARIS applies anti-reflective coating, ITO- and passivation layers and backside metallization of solar cells.

These “green energy” devices generate electricity when heated. The thin film layers applied by SOLARIS are efficient at conducting electricity, but not heat, which keeps the device running.

Energy storage
A family of applications that includes highly efficient (smaller and lighter) thin film batteries and advanced super capacitors for energy storage; SOLARIS provides thin film processes for all of these.

Beyond Alternative Coating Options