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PVD Process

PVD Process DLC coatings deposited via PVD provide excellent wear protection and a low coefficient of friction. PVD can be combined with a PACVD or a plasma nitriding treatment.

Process description

Depositing Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings with a PVD process coats your component in layers of amorphous W-C:H. Hardness for W-C:H layers range from approximately 10 – 40 GPa. W-C:H coatings are used with layer thicknesses up to 4 µm. The multi-lamellar structure of the W-C:H coating consists of an alternating phase with tungsten carbide and carbon. This produces excellent wear resistance and a low 0.1 – 0.2 coefficient of friction.

PACVD and PVD combination

PACVD process is frequently combined with a PVD process to facilitate doping of DLC layers and the generation of complex layer architectures.

PVD and plasma nitriding (Combi Treatment)

Prior to applying the PVD hard coating, we can apply a plasma nitriding process, which optimizes your tool or component’s strength characteristics independent of the base material’s surface hardness and chemistry. Plasma nitriding is a classic thermo-chemical surface treatment. Combining PVD and plasma nitriding allows the use of tempering and lower hardening steel for tool manufacturing. The additional PVD process offers a great deal of flexibility due to the variety of available coating types and the ability to coat at temperatures around 180 °C.

The surface layer hardened in a combination process provides improved support.

PVD and P.SOLID diffusion coating

For the plastics tool and mold making industry a P.SOLID diffusion coating can be applied improving the tools durability. P.SOLID forms a passive layer on the surface of the tools and molds providing a high resistance to wear and pitting. The use of P.SOLID for corrosion resistant steels or cold working steels with high chromium content provides increased hardness without loss of corrosion protection - opposite the normal effect from standard coated surfaces. A high surface hardness up to 1.600 HV can be achieved especially for coated hot and cold working steels. Despite of a diffusion depth of 10-50 μm the coated parts stay deformation and distortion-free.

Process basics (PVD)

Coating thickness

1 – 5 µm


1,000 – 1,500 HV

Temperature resistance

350 °C


DLC coated parts are the right solution for lubricant-free operations. These coatings even accommodate the smaller size and lower weight demands of the racing and automotive industries.

  • Increased performance
  • High wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Even two coated surfaces operating against each provide optimal performance and reliability

Typical applications

  • Tribological applications
  • Plastics processing
  • Optical industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Automotive components
  • Engineering
  • Motorsport components