News (02/01/06) Multi-Inlet Turbomolecular Pumps – Innovation & Vacuum Generation Know-how

Patent granted to Leybold Vacuum by the European Patent Office at the end of the Year 2005

The European patent EP 1422423 B1 and the US patent US 6,457,954 B1 granted already in the year 2002 is a milestone for assuring the strategic orientation of the company. This patent not only specifically covers the future of the multi-inlet pumps but also the innovative type design of turbo molecular, respectively gas friction vacuum pumps by way of a cartridge solution.

Up to three analysis chambers can be pumped down simultaneously by a single multi-inlet pump. These pumps have been tuned for pumping speed and gas throughput in order to attain higher detection sensitivities of analytical systems, a small footprint and an increased sample throughput, for example.

The benefit offered to the customers is the remarkable compactness of the vacuum system combined with a high performance density, simple installation, stable vacuum connections and, compared to the utilisation of separate individual pumps, significantly lower investment costs for the entire system. Moreover, the cartridge solution allows for an innovative and cost-effective design of the customer’s system, and should servicing be necessary, the active unit can be exchanged without involved assembly and leak detection work.

Cartridge benefits which convince:
  • Higher effective pumping speed
  • No loss in conductance
  • Compact vacuum system
  • Easy pump replacement without having to disassemble the highly sensitive mass spectrometer chambers
The benefits to the customer using Leybold products are reflected through the efficiency of the analytical instruments:
  • Increase in detection sensitivity
  • Cutting the size of analytical systems
  • Increased sample throughput
  • Reduction of overall system costs
  • Lower maintenance costs

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