Historical milestones

  • 1850
  • 1900
  • 1950
  • 2000
  • 2015
  • 1951

    Graziano was founded as a family company and started its activity at a small plant ...

  • 1963

    Opening of the new Headquarters in Cascine Vica and today is still the Headquarters

    New technologies are used: the first bevel gears are cut with Coniflex system and the turning operation with semiautomatic machines

  • 1971-1975

    At the beginning of the 70’s the production of transmission components for ...

    The gear design has been improved by means of computer systems for scientific calculations

  • 1981-1991

    Export increased progressively. R&D capability was formed

    First generation of transmissions components and drive axles were co-developed with Customers. Change in ownership (Rossi 1986 - Ghidella 1989)

  • 1992

    GRAZIANO Trasmissioni became part of SAURER AG, worldwide leader in textile machinery, ...

  • 1996-1997

    Starting of the components production for the automotive market

    Cooperation agreement with Ferrari Auto to develop and supply the new generation of complete gearboxes for the Ferrari Modena. Development of drivelines for electrical vehicles and agricultural tractors

  • 1999

    Foundation of Graziano Trasmissioni India and building up the Plant to produce ...

  • 2001

    Acquisition of Magnetto Group Gear Division

    Growing up of Graziano Trasmissioni Group as worldwide leader in gearing components

  • 2005

    Opening of the plant in Suzhou (China), focused in assembly transaxle and transmission ...

  • 2006

    Opening the plant in Cerveny Kostelec (Czech Republic), focused in gear manufacturing ...

  • 2006

    The SAURER Transmission Systems Division (Graziano Trasmissioni) has been expanded ...

  • 2007

    Graziano and Fairfield merged into Oerlikon Group as Oerlikon Drive Systems, each one ...