Outlook for 2014

The successful closing of the Metco transaction allows to consolidate Metco for seven months in the fiscal year 2014. Including full absorption of transaction/ integration costs as well as accounting effects triggered through the integration and consolidation of Metco and confirming the latest guidance given
for the Group pre-closing, Oerlikon expects compared to 2013 reported figures the following key metrics for the fiscal year 2014 based on stable currencies:

  • Order Intake growth to exceed 10 %
  • Sales growth to exceed 15 %
  • EBIT margin* to be around 10 %
  • EBITDA margin* to be around 15 %

In order to reflect the underlying operational business activities and neutralizing non-cash accounting entries, primarily related to the amortization of the acquired identified intangible assets, Oerlikon will shift its focus from EBIT to EBITDA reporting in the future.

* including full absorption of all related transaction/integration costs and accounting effects