Advanced technology Oerlikon’s Advanced technology opens up new dimensions.

Advanced technology At Oerlikon, our goals and strategies are focused keenly on tomorrow's promising applications. We have one of the most comprehensive, trend setting technology portfolios ranging from front end semiconductor manufacturing equipment to emerging nanotechnology.

Oerlikon Systems is focusing on production equipment for advanced nanotechnology, semiconductors and deposition equipment for the optical disc industry. Together with leading manufacturers, the company develops production techniques for future attractive and profitable nano-technology applications - enabling clean technologies.

Both, together with Oerlikon vision & innovations in the vacuum & advanced thin film arenas, facilitate new products to market in a timely manner, while aiding society with tomorrow's technology today.

We leverage our core competences in areas such as coating and cover layer technology to manufacture high speed, compact lines with a proven robust process technology, which are simple to install, operate and maintain. Working closely together with our suppliers on a daily basis to reduce lead times and develop the ever simpler more reliable solutions ensures we continue to meet the demands from our customers for highest machine uptimes.

Oerlikon Sytems is a leading supplier of state of the art sputter equipment as well as manufacturing solutions to the optical storage industry.

There are numerous of examples:

Sprinter -5, -9, and 13 chamber models provides high throughput capabilities (>1'200 discs / hour) that are beyond any other single disc sputtering system available on the market. Over 150 systems are currently installed around the world which translates into 9 out of 10 rewritable discs being made on Sprinter.

Or our activities in the Wafer Processing industry offers innovative production solutions for deposition and etch. These allow production of leading edge chips, devices and components used in PCs, telecommunication and the automotive industry. Close cooperation with key customers and suppliers allows Wafer Processing to stay at the forefront of technology.