INNOVA opens up new dimensions INNOVA, a new-generation coating system, uses many pioneering advances in technology to enhance coating and tool performance and pave the way for new applications.

INNOVA opens up new dimensions The system can deposit not only proven high performance nitride coatings but now – for the first time – hard aluminium-oxide coatings as well.

INNOVA opens up new possibilities for the design of high-performance tools, makes production costs predictable and enables you to meet even "rush" delivery schedules. 

10 µm TiAlN and 6 µm aluminium oxide

P3e™ technology

For the first time, aluminium-oxide coatings with high hardness as well as thermal and chemical stability can be created by a PVD process: the new P3e™ technology developed and patented by Oerlikon Balzers. Support layer and aluminium-oxide layer are applied in a single pass at temperatures well below 600°C. >> Watch the P3e Movie

INNOVA etching technology

A new process increases etching rates, ensuring optimised adhesion and improved coating performance by removing even the tiniest contaminant particles from the surface immediately before deposition.


NADJA, an upgrade of existing arc sources, brings about a clear improvement in target utilisation. Coating material is deposited more uniformly to achieve a more homogeneous coating structure.

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