BALINIT X.CEED The hardness, oxidation resistance and thermal stability of BALINIT X.CEED were optimised for use in hard and high-speed machining.

BALINIT X.CEED Even when working high-strength and hard-to-machine materials, the coating gives protection against abrasion and adhesion over the whole range of cutting speeds. The good frictional properties reduce cutting forces.
Coating Properties: BALINIT X.CEED
Coating Material AlTiN
Microhardness* (HV 0.05) 3,300
Friction coefficient* against steel (dry) 0.4
Max. service temperature (°C) 900
Coating colour blue-grey

* depends on application and test conditions

Recommended applications:
  • machining of materials that are difficult to work (titanium alloys, Inconel)
  • hard machining > 52 HRC
  • HSC
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