BALINIT DLC STAR BALINIT DLC STAR is the new Balzers multifunction coating with Superior Tribological Arrangement (STAR).

BALINIT DLC STAR BALINIT® DLC STAR is a modified diamond-like-carbon coating with enhanced load bearing capacity. A hard, tough metal based layer (chromium nitride) provides adequate surface hardness and support (loadbearing capacity) for the superposed, tribologically effective carbon coating. Simultaneously, the compact chromium nitride layer enhances the fatigue and corrosion resistance of the components.
Coating Properties: BALINIT DLC STAR
Coating Material CrN + a-C:H
Microhardness* (HV 0.05) > 2,000
Friction coefficient* against steel (dry) 0.1 - 0.2
Max. service temperature (°C) 350
Coating colour black

* depends on application and test conditions

In contrast to conventional composite coatings, the multifunction coatings developed by Balzers are applied in a single-pass vacuum process at temperatures between 180 and 350°C, resulting in defect-free coatings of unique quality and adhesive strength.

Recommended applications:
  • Engine components (fuel injection systems, valve train components, piston assembly parts, etc.)
  • For soft base materials (titanium, aluminium, copper alloys, stainless steel)
  • Pumps and compressors (pistons, cylinders, valves, shaft feed-throughs, etc.)
  • Textile machines
  • For components exposed to high mechanical loads