BALINIT C BALINIT C, with its low coefficient of friction and good sliding properties, is deployed mainly to reduce adhesive wear (scuffing, seizing, cold-welding) and can also withstand high loads at deficient lubrication or dry running.

BALINIT C Surface fatigue (pitting) and tribo-oxidation (fretting corrosion) are largely prevented. Expensive base materials can often be replaced with less expensive steel. BALINIT® C is bio-compatible and foodstuff-neutral.
Coating Properties: BALINIT C
Coating Material WC/C (a-C:H:W)
Microhardness* (HV 0.05) 1,500 / 1,000
Friction coefficient* against steel (dry) 0.1 - 0.2
Max. service temperature (°C) 300
Coating colour anthracite

* depends on application and test conditions

Recommended applications:
  • punching and forming (low-lubricant or dry working)
  • plastic injection moulding (dry running of movable tool components)
  • gears and ball bearings with high surface pressure levels
  • precision components of highly stressed combustion engines
  • systems without lubrication (clean room or foodstuffs technology)
  • fluid technology components
  • cutting tools (aluminium machining)