BALINIT ALNOVA The success formula for end mills

BALINIT ALNOVA With BALINIT® ALNOVA, you can machine challenging materials with high productivity and superior quality – your formula of success.
Coating Properties: BALINIT ALNOVA
Coating Material AlCrN
Microhardness* (HV 0.05) 3,200
Friction coefficient* against steel (dry) 0.3
Max. service temperature (°C) 1,100
Coating colour bright grey

* depends on application and test conditions

BALINIT® ALNOVA persuades: improved wear resistance as well as greater oxidation resistance and hot hardness make this new coating the choice for end mills. The service lives of end mills coated with BALINIT® ALNOVA are up to 30% longer compared to other high-performance coatings.

Recommended applications
  • Solid carbide end mills for roughing and finishing
  • Dry and wet machining