Success factors BALINIT® opens the way to new solutions

Success factors Lighter construction, ever increasing performance with ever smaller dimensions, more environmentally friendly concepts for operation and maintenance: increasing demands on systems impose greater requirements on the components and tools. BALINIT® coatings can be suited to the particular application and open the way to completely new standards of performance.

BALINIT® gets any machining process going smoothly

In addition to the correct choice of material, an optimum surface condition and a suitable design of the component or tool for coating contribute to the optimisation of its performance and manufacturing cost.

BALINIT®-coated precision tools and moulds
  • can last several times longer, often with improved machine performance
  • show improved and more constant behaviour
  • enable smaller quantities of more environmentally friendly coolants, lubricants, and release agents to be used or even dispensed with altogether
  • improve the finished quality and make time consuming finishing work superfluous
BALINIT®-coated tools and precision components
  • improve productivity
  • reduce production costs
  • increase production reliability
  • improve product quality
  • shorten delivery times
  • reduce environmental impact and save resources

  • Use the Oerlikon Balzers Coating Guide, the quick and easy way to find the best solution for your application!