Coating Technology Oerlikon Balzers defines the benchmark - again and again.

Coating Technology The coating processes and systems developed by Oerlikon Balzers result in coating layers with well-defined and reproducible properties. Whether your aim is immediate success with proven coatings or the joint development with us of innovative solutions, Oerlikon Balzers can provide you with a business model that fits seamlessly into your value creation chain.

Various processes are used to enhance the surfaces of tools and precision components and improve their behaviour and performance.

If the properties of commonly used coating processes are compared with those of our surface treatments, the PVD, PACVD and P3eTM processes used by Oerlikon Balzers show clear advantages.

Coating properties

Layer thicknesses and deposition temperatures of surface treatment methods

  1. Plasma spraying
  2. Electrolytic and chemical deposition
  3. Phosphating
  4. Nitriding (white layer)
  5. Boronising
  6. CVD
  8. P3e TM

PVD = Physical Vapour Deposition
PACVD = Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition
P3eTM = Pulse Enhanced Electron Emission

For these processes, the tools or components are placed in a processing chamber, which is pumped down to produce a vacuum. Only in a vacuum can coatings of just a few µm with defined compositions and specific properties be reproducibly deposited.

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