Machines BALINIT safeguards precision

Machines Whether cars or mobile phones, T-shirts or newspapers, convenience meals or television sets, practically everything we consume or use is produced using machines. In every case, the demands imposed on performance, precision and productivity are increasing. The consequence is that machine components are exposed to increasingly severe stress.

BALINIT® coatings reduce friction and wear-related phenomena such as material fatigue, scuffing, fretting corrosion or abrasion. They decisively enhance the reliability, service life and performance of machine components. In other words, the as-new precision of drives, guides, bearings and control components is preserved.

Even components that come into direct contact with the material being processed, making them subject to heavy wear, are effectively protected by coatings.

In the domain of mechanical engineering, fluidics components play a crucial role. Lighter construction as well as higher pressures and speeds are demands that the developers of hydraulic power systems have to meet.

BALINIT® coatings significantly boost the performance of components subject to wear in compressors, pumps and valves. They increase efficiency and service life and make it possible to use more environmentally friendly coolants and lubricants or even to run dry.