Food/ Pharmaceuticals/ Packaging BALINIT - approved for food contact, bio-compatible and performance-enhancing

Food/ Pharmaceuticals/ Packaging Apart from high productivity, hygiene and food safety are crucial to food processing. Machines and components must be so designed that they are easily cleaned and withstand aggressive operating conditions (e.g. corrosive media and fruit acids, cleaning agents, abrasive ingredients). Further, it is important that food is never contaminated in the processing environment.

Similar requirements are encountered in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to uncompromisingly high quality, this industry demands extreme cleanliness and compliance with bio-compatibility regulations.

BALINIT® fulfils these requirements perfectly: the coatings are FDA certified. They not only provide a high degree of protection against wear and corrosion but also permit lubricant-free operation. Moreover, BALINIT® coatings reduce the incidence of deposits and/or make them easier to remove.

Form/fill/seal machines for foods and beverages are often synchronised with packaging, labelling and boxing lines.

Increasing competitive pressure, greater complexity and the high demands placed on cleanliness and the materials used call for innovative mechanical engineering solutions. The processing machinery used is just as diversified as the packaging materials and package shapes. BALINIT®-coated components decisively improve the performance and operational reliability of high-throughput machines and at the same time reduce process costs.