Automotive BALINIT is on your side

Automotive Whether engines or drive trains, oil pumps or brakes, headlights or rims, bodywork or interior: in modern motor cars, trucks and motor cycles there is hardly anything, in manufacture or in operation, where BALINIT® is not involved. In no other branch of industry have BALINIT®-coated tools and components become so quickly and universally accepted as in automotive industry.

Coatings make it possible to meet demanding economic and ecological requirements. Manufacturers and suppliers take advantage of them to

  • increase productivity and quality and to reduce manufacturing costs for processing metals and plastics
  • improve the performance, service life and reliability of heavily loaded components

The continuous further development of coating materials by Oerlikon Balzers provides access to ever new applications and has driven many innovations in design and manufacturing.

Oerlikon Balzers is the only provider that operates its own coating centres in every major industrial region in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. All sales outlets are ISO- and/or QA-certified and guarantee the same high, globally reproducible coating quality. More than 90 locations assure short delivery times and efficient support. For major production runs, we follow you to your locations or carry out the coating on your own premises.