Punching & Forming BALINIT® guarantees best performance in punching and forming

Punching & Forming BALINIT®-coated tools maintain their performance longer and produce workpieces of consistently high quality.
Longer service life

BALINIT® is very hard and protects functional surfaces, cutting edges and drawing radii against abrasive wear. This significantly prolongs the service life of tools.

Lower manufacturing costs

The longer service lives and higher stroke rates increase productivity and reduce unit costs.

Reduced quantities of lubricants

Coating systems that combine a hard base layer with a low-friction top layer reduce adhesive wear. It is possible to work with smaller quantities of low environmental impact lubricants or even completely dry. Tool cleaning, which is usually a costly process, is no longer necessary.

Higher production reliability

Production reliability is increased because the coating reduces the tool load and thus the risk of breakage. On sheet metal forming tools, the coating can serve as a wear indicator. This enables tools to be reconditioned in time.

Better surface quality

Less wear and reduced cold-welding improve the surface quality of the workpieces, enabling them to meet also higher demands on their appearance. The finish is also more suitable for subsequent electroplating.

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