Moulding BALINIT® reduces manufacturing costs

Moulding Throughout the world, plastics processors and mould makers take advantage of Oerlikon Balzers coatings to increase their competitiveness.
Lower manufacturing costs

The significantly longer service lives, shorter cycle times and better operational performance due to the use of BALINIT®-coated injection moulding tools increase productivity and reduce unit costs.

Better mould filling

Coating with BALINIT® ensures better mould filling, because the melt flows longer. The injection pressure remains effective for longer, reducing sink marks.

Reduced mould release forces

BALINIT® reduces the tendency to stick, making mould release easier. Usually, the use of release agents can be avoided.

Higher wear resistances

When highly abrasive melts are processed, wear is drastically reduced by the hardness of the coating. In addition, the coating protects against mould damage during cleaning and maintenance.

Better quality of the injection moulded products

Thanks to better mould filling, less distortion and brilliant tool surfaces, produced parts are of better quality with lower rejects.

Good wear indicator

Colour changes of the coated surface enable wear to be detected early so that expensive moulds and inserts can be reconditioned in good time.

Ease of cleaning

Mould deposits are reduced and can be removed by simple means. Longer cleaning intervals and speedier cleaning increase the tool availability.

Running dry

Thanks to low frictional coefficients, moving mould parts (e.g. ejectors, slides, guide components, unscrewing cores) are effectively protected against scuffing or seizing, even when running dry.