Bevel gear drives Bevel-gear, planetary, automatic and all-wheel transmissions

Bevel gear drives BALINIT® C effectively reduces wear and scuffing in planetary gear systems for construction machinery. The high loads and low sliding speeds in these gear systems work against the formation of a load-bearing lubricant film. The Oerlikon Balzers WC/C coating has proven itself as a wear-reducing solution in these mass-produced items.

BALINIT® C can also be used on the sun gears of automatic transmissions. With the increasing torque of car engines, these transmissions have become so severely stressed that manufacturers have had to design new and usually heavier systems. The BALINIT® C coating renders this unnecessary.

BALINIT® C also provides a convincing reduction of wear in all-wheel drive vehicles. Here, the problem is wear in differential-gear components that occurs under high loads and unfavourable lubrication conditions (cold starting); this, too, is prevented by the WC/C coating.