Radial piston motors

Coating with BALINIT® C cuts static friction, prevents scuffing and improves the performance of the roller bearings.

The advantages in practice are considerable:
  • over the whole length of the rollers, there is practically no evident wear
  • the static friction between rollers and cast iron pistons is reduced by 40%
  • the energy losses on starting the motor are reduced by 18%
  • the stick-slip effect is eliminated

Wear reduction with WC/C coating of plain bearings in the radial-piston motor

Load: 70 kN
Tempertature: 50°C
Test duration: 58,000 revolutions
Speed: 6 rpm
Lubricant: Shell Tellus 68 S 4 mg/l ISO MTD

U. Olofsson, H. Sjöström, U. Sjödin
ASME Journal of Tribology"