Metal die casting More endurance, more productivity, more reliable production.

Metal die casting The high hardness and outstanding thermal and chemical stability of the coating improve profitability and productivity, even under the most demanding conditions of use.

Successful moulding. Oerlikon Balzers is your strong partner in metal die casting

When it comes to metal die casting, the quality of the coating on the mould surface is crucial for success. BALINIT® coatings from Oerlikon Balzers, are ideal. BALINIT® coatings are multi-functional, have unique properties and increase the long-term cost-effectiveness and productivity of the production process.

Advantages of BALINIT in die casting

  • Extreme layer hardness
  • Ceramic material - low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent thermal and chemical stability
  • Homogeneous surface hardness profile
  • BALINIT® protects against wear in die casting

Your Advantages: Increased productivity and production reliability

  • Lower manufacturing costs: BALINIT® protects cores, mould inserts and cavities against wear and corrosion. Longer service lives, less machine down-time, lower tool costs and minimised cleaning and maintenance expenses reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Better surface quality: Surface faults as a consequence of heat checking or sticking of the melt only occur after a significantly higher number of shots.
  • Higher process reliability: The coating reduces the sticking and surface alloying of the melt to the tool. Improved mould release, fewer core breakages, less mould damage and reduced susceptibility to locally insufficient die spray coverage; all these factors increase process reliability.

Applications of high performance with BALINIT coatings

In best form: BALINIT® ALCRONA PRO, your solution for mould cores:
  • Significantly less adhesive wear
  • Over 50% longer tool service life

In peak form: BALINIT® LUMENA DUPLEX, your solution for mould inserts Significantly less adhesive wear:

  • Reduction of alloying
  • Higher component quality
  • Less maintenance work
  • Significantly delayed heat checking formation

In top form: BALINIT® LUMENA DUPLEX, your solution for moulds Reduction of alloying:

  • Increase in machine availability to 90%
  • At least 20% longer tool service life
  • Reduction in injection pressure