BALINIT DLC STARMultifunctional coating with Superior Tribological Arrangement (STAR).

BALINIT DLC STAR coated for diesel injector
BALINIT DLC STAR coated for collet chucks

BALINIT® DLC STAR is a modified diamond-like carbon coating with enhanced load bearing capacity. A hard, durable metal-based layer (chromium nitride) provides the required surface hardness and increases the resilience of the superposed, tribologically effective carbon coating. BALINIT DLC STAR has even higher tribological performance (pressure, times, velocity-value) than BALINIT C, BALINIT C STAR and BALINIT DLC. It is therefore used for the highest loaded components in diesel injection systems and engine components.

  • Specifications


    Coating material CrN + a-C:H
    Friction coefficient against steel (dry)* 0.1 – 0.2
    Max. service temp. (°C)* 350 °C
    Coating color* Black

    * Depends on application and test condition

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  • Application

    Recommendation Application

    These features are important for engine components, soft base materials such as aluminium or coppers, and pumps, compressors and other components exposed to high mechanical loads. The defect-free surface is most valued for textile machines.

    Components applications

    • Subsea valves Subsea valves Details
    • Collet chucks Collet chucks Details
    • Mechanical seals Mechanical seals

      Coating solution for mechanical seals

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