BALINIT ALNOVA Reliable milling of the most demanding materials

ALNOVA enables more reliable milling of the most demanding materials

Machining operations in the energy production market are becoming more challenging all the time. For example, materials must withstand increasingly higher temperatures. Consequently, the machining tools for these tasks need to be equipped with a wear-protection coating that is able to meet these high demands. BALINIT® ALNOVA is the ideal solution due to its improved hot hardness, high oxidation resistance and very smooth surface.

  • Application

    Recommendation Application

    For carbide end mills and modular milling cutters

    • Tool steel > 1,000 N/mm2
    • Hardened steel, 45-52 HRC
    • Stainless steel, heat-resistant steels
    • Cast iron
    • Titanium, titanium alloys

    Tools applications

    • Cutting Cutting

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